10 Benefits of Healthy Homes

Healthy homes are design models which enhance the health and wellbeing of the home’s occupants. Healthy homes are a great option for families or anyone concerned about the potential dangers of building materials and other factors in a home’s design. Many builders and architects are beginning to specialize in this design style because of the many benefits healthy homes offer.

Here are some common benefits of healthy homes that have been reported by builders and occupants:

1. Reduced risk of respiratory illness with proper ventilation

2. Lowered energy and water consumption with efficient design

3. Minimized presence of mold and rot through proper building techniques

4. Prevented exposure to toxins and chemicals from building materials like glue, paint, and sealant that off-gas

5. Reduced symptoms of headaches and sleeplessness with design elements like lighting, building materials, and bedroom layouts

6. Raised concentration and mental alertness levels with daylighting and airflow

7. Increased productivity levels with passive design techniques

8. Improved cost effectiveness with incentives and rebates

9. Lowered utility costs with less resource consumption

10. Improved quality of life for children, seniors, and pets who are more susceptible to illness

For more information about the benefits of healthy homes check out the original article, Healthy Homes Maximize Human Potential.

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