10 Educational Factors Of Green Commercial Real Estate

The green commercial real estate industry is growing. Commercial properties are being constructed, positioned, and operated with ecological sensitivity in mind. The primary reason for this is the available awareness and education today which has concerned consumers demanding ecological building designs. This new green commercial real estate market is ripe for the taking for any agents or developers looking to target a group of educated and informed buyers. In fact, the green building market which is expected to increase to a global market value of $254 billion by 2020.

Here is a checklist of points to be aware of about the ecological construction of commercial buildings, and subsequently how it affects the real estate industry.

1. Buildings with high-performance designations like LEED, BREEAM, or Passive House are certified as ecologically or environmentally designed.

2. Human health is a major factor today in construction and development as “sick building syndrome” has become a serious concern.

3. The life-cycle of a building should be assessed if it is to be positioned as “green”.

4. Energy efficient buildings are in high-demand as operating expenses continue to rise

5. Water consumption can be lowered based on a building’s design.

6. Overhead lighting choices can drastically improve one’s mental health, focus level, and productivity.

7. Proper ventilation is crucial to control indoor air quality and preventing respiratory disorders.

8. Green roofs and living walls contribute a myriad of benefits to improving quality of life.

9. Ecologically-designed buildings yield higher occupancy rates and ROI in commercial real estate.

10. There are a number of incentives and rebates available at the municipal, state, provincial, or federal levels for encouraging green construction.

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Feature Image: The world’s greenest office building, the Bullitt Center in Seattle. Image via Discover.

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