10 Reasons to Recognize Women in Agriculture

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Women in agriculture have been largely under-represented for the work that they perform and the challenges they face. That’s why it’s important to shed light on the roles that women play in our North American agricultural landscape. By bringing awareness to female farmers, more women may want to pursue careers in agriculture of many varieties. It’s an important position in our society and we want to empower women to feel as though their goals are being met.

That’s why we want to highlight female farmers and their advocates. Here are some of the reasons we should all recognize women in agriculture:

1. They work long hours and are often times underpaid for the work they do. 

2. The role of women as primary caregivers is essentially to not only relieve hunger but to provide proper nourishment and a balance of health.

3. They’re driven to provide food for their children as well as to provide better opportunities for their children to attend school and get the medical attention they need.

4. Recognizing women and the role they play in agriculture has the potential to alleviate income disparity and enhance developmental opportunities in order to solve our global food crisis.

5. It’s instinctual for a woman to take part in the decision making process of how food is grown, harvested, processed, distributed, and accessed by society.

6. By empowering women with opportunities to become more actively involved in policy making and decisions regarding resource distribution, we may begin to see better solutions arise surrounding our food security crisis.

7. In both Canada and the United States, women make up 30% of the Agricultural Industries in each county. 

8. Women of influence at a grassroots level as well as on a global stage, are beginning to shed light on the central issues regarding our global food crisis.

9. Empowering these women to create enterprises out of food production is an important solution to our North American food justice issue.

10. Women in food production have the ability to take control and engage in community health concerns, prevent the proliferation of food deserts, guide healthy child development, and create economic self-sufficiency for their families.

To learn more about the background of the women in agriculture issue, check out our original article, Women in Agriculture: Changing the Landcsape for Female Farmers

Feature Image: Lois Reichert, owner of Reichert’s Dairy Air near Knoxville, Iowa talks with a worker as she finishes milking one of her goats.  Reichert keeps a small herd of LaMancha dairy goats and makes award-winning artisan cheese daily.  Photo by Marjorie Guyler-Alaniz, FarmHer.


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