10 Strategies for Building Healthy Cities

Urban planning in today’s environment requires new thinking. The old way of doing things is simply not sustainable. This is why some of the top ranked healthy cities in the world such as Vancouver, BC can provide mentorship to other communities around the world. The strategies already in place by other cities to solve massive challenges can be modified and scaled for other cities.

Here are types of urban planning strategies for sustainably building healthy cities.

1. Masterplans: 20-30 year development plans that include social, economic, and environmental growth strategies

2. Central Access to Information: user-friendly, organized, and informative central websites that communicate vision and opportunities to residents, businesses, and local groups.

3. Coordination of Community Involvement: Municipal employees perform community outreach to unite residents and empower them to provide personal input.

4. Success Benchmarks: a communication plan that informs residents of the city’s bottom line and what’s being done to continuously meet this.

5. Vision Statement: what does the future of the city look like and is it clearly communicated to residents?

6. Value Proposition: What’s the one thing that sets the city apart from others? What is the city known for?

7. Food Strategy: a robust strategy for food production including urban farms, farmers markets, rooftop gardens, and vertical farms will provide better food access to residents.

8. Environmental Policy: guidelines that support the protection of local biodiversity also need to be economically and socially sound so as to increase resident buy-in.

9. Green Building Standards: updating local building codes to include green standards on new commercial construction will lead to greater overall health and wellbeing of building occupants.

10. Mobility Plans: infrastructure like walking paths and trails, bike lanes, and public transit all improve mobility and increase the walkability of residents which encourages healthy lifestyles.

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