10 Tips to Improve Your Office Environment

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As we discuss often, our primarily sedentary lifestyles are causing unhappiness at work which results in lowered productivity. In order to improve the office environment changes need to happen from the top down. Forward-thinking employers are taking advantage of the enormous amount of research, data, and findings available on this chronic problem and implementing solutions in the workplace to engage their staff once more.

Here are 10 tips that employers can implement to improve the office environment:

1. Stay organized and offer organizational solutions for less chaotic atmosphere

2. Be consumer and waste conscious as a team by adding incentives

3. Let everyone feel heard – give them a safe place to express their concerns

4. Add life’s simple pleasures like plants and vegetation – encourage care for this environment by allowing your staff periods of time to water, nurture, and clean

5. Make the workplace a community

6. Focus work projects away from your desks – inspire

7. Make the office optional

8. Make education a priority

9. Take your staff on adventures – team building and social exercises

10. Add some perks like food, holidays, and birthday celebrations

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