3 Companies Leading Green Data Centers

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Data centers are notorious for their massive energy consumption and general environmental impact. In fact if the cloud were a nation it would be one of the largest consuming countries of energy on our planet. Research and innovation surrounding energy efficient or “green” data centers is high on the priority list for some of the world’s largest data-capturing and internet-based companies.

Innovations including biogas powered and recycled waste-water cooled data centers are some of the important steps we’re seeing towards reducing the internet’s energy footprint.

Here are three mega-corporations who are leading these green data centers in research and application:

1. Google: Uses a process called “machine learning” to make data centers more efficient.

2. Facebook: Opened a data center in the Arctic Circle consuming far less energy for cooling requirements.

3. Microsoft: Constructed a zero-carbon data center powered by locally-derived biogas in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Read more about what each company in particular is doing for green data.

Feature Image: Facebook’s Arctic Circle data center located in Sweden, improves energy efficiency. Image via Susanne Lindholm, EPA.

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