3 Innovative Green Hotel Solutions

With the transformation of our standard design and business practices becoming a hot topic, many industries are looking to capitalize on the available sustainable innovations that can improve their bottom line. The hospitality industry is one such industry that can drastically change its operations by applying green hotel solutions. Here are three innovative green hotel solutions that the hospitality industry can look to for inspiration. Not only do these solutions provide operational benefits to these businesses, but they also have long-lasting positive impacts on both their customer loyalty, and brand awareness.

Waste to Energy Conversion
The Best Western Chillworth Manor in the UK has a micro power plant on-site which converts their 500 kilograms of food waste into energy.

Data Collection & Management
Farimont Hotels & Resorts uses an internal Data Management System which allows its properties to share green practices and track the subsequent results.

Integrated Vegetation
The Rubens at the Palace hotel in London installed the city’s largest living wall in an effort to combat the chronic stormwater run-off problem they’ve been experiencing due to vanishing green spaces.

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Feature Image: Fairmont Hotels & Resorts has a sustainable design policy which includes green standards like LEED and other certifications. Image via Construction Week Online.

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