3 Specialty Consumer Brands Changing The World Of E-Commerce

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The landscape of how we buy and sell products has shifted since the economic downturn. Retail shops in many smaller markets couldn’t develop a strong enough customer base and inevitably began to shut down all across America. But that doesn’t mean all is lost for boutique and specialty shops in small towns. It just means reinventing tradition.

As we’ve profiled previously, small shops are an essential component to the character of Rhode Island. One innovative man, Soren Ryherd, began the ambitious objective of fostering retail growth in his home state. Soren founded Retail Project RI, an organization which grows strong online retail platforms in niche consumer markets, incubates the brand until profitability, and will then open the brands’ very own brick and mortar versions in Rhode Island through the traction gained online.

With the goal of eventually launching upwards of 40 brands per year, the Retail Project has already launched its first three.


Blue Turtleneck Sweater by West Paw Design. Available at FelixChien.com

Felix Chien

The pet product market in the U.S. alone is expected to achieve an estimated revenue of $9.2 billion by 2018, according to Euromintor. Hoping to carve out their own slice of the pet product pie, the Retail Project launched Felix Chien as their first online brand. Felix Chien offers high-end luxury pet dog products and designer accessories to man’s best fashionable friend. Some of the beautiful and unique Felix Chien products include plush and quilted dog beds (even a dog hammock!), stylish carrier totes and bags, couture collar and leashes, and pup sweaters and outerwear.

Felix-Chien-Company-LogoConceived as “the Neiman Marcus for Dogs,” Felix Chien carries a wide range of popular luxury pet brands from over twenty different designers. With hundreds of products to choose from, Felix Chien will ship products within 3-5 business days. To explore the many beautiful Felix Chien items for your dog, visit FelixChien.com.


Vertical living wall system by Urbio. Available at Urbilis.com


Approaching their one year anniversary, Urbilis is an online store offering a wide range of beautifully designed and modern urban gardening products. Form hanging planters and tabletop accents to vertical systems and living wall designs, Urbilis products are the perfect addition to any gardener’s urban home. By offering solutions that maximize space, Urbilis products give even the most novice growers the ability to add greenery their lives and benefit from all that plants have to offer.


For customer convenience, Urbilis products ship across North America in approximately 2-5 business days. Inject some life into your urban living and browse the many indoor and outdoor gardening products available from Urbilis.com.



Avalon comforter. Available at Slumbersome.com


Recent and well-publicized research has sparked a rest renaissance in North American culture. As our population has grown more aware of the benefits of proper sleeping habits, so too has the market potential for natural sleep and rest aid products. Enter, Slumbersome! The third online brand recently launched by the Retail Project, Slumbersome.com is home to a collection of specialty bedding, sleepwear, air quality, temperature control, and sleep therapy products including a line of Kids items.

Slumbersome-Company-LogoBy providing its customers with functional and non-pharmaceutical sleep solutions, Slumbersome is establishing itself as an authority on the health benefits of proper rest. Slumbersome products can be shipped anywhere in the United States in 2-5 business days. Scan through the product line at Slumbersome.com and restore your body the natural way.

Supporting Economic Independence

By supporting any one of these three (and many yet to come), brands you are contributing the sustainable prosperity of Rhode Island and beyond. The Retail Project will directly impact the local job market and the revitalization of neighborhoods throughout the Ocean State.

To learn more about the Retail Project RI and how to become a vendor partner with any of the brands please visit www.RetailProjectRI.com.

Feature Image: Large Flat Back Planter With Leather Strap – Brown. Available at Urbilis.com

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