3 Universities Leading Food Sustainability

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Universities are important partners in the advancement of the field of sustainability. Not only do universities conduct, fund, and collaborate on environmental research, but they also generate the support in building awareness around these important issues. University students are traditionally actively involved in creating positive solutions and taking action to implement them.

Specifically concerning food sustainability, universities are playing a major role in the advancement of sustainable food production systems. Here’s a look at three US universities advancing our solutions for food sustainability.

The University of North Carolina and Chapel Hill
UNC has funded many student and professionally-led food sustainability programs to help remedy local food issues.

Oregon State University
OSU’s Horticulture Department has been integral in the research, design, and implementation of sustainable food production systems of all kinds.

Clemson University
Clemson’s Sustainable Agriculture Program brings together members of the community to conduct research on sustainable food production methods.

Read more about what these three universities are doing to develop sustainable food systems.

Feature Image: University of North Carolina’s Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention is a leading in sustainable agriculture research. Image via

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