4 Benefits of New Urbanism Design

As major North American cities are beginning to correct the challenges caused by urban sprawl development, city planners have had to apply innovative and solution-based urban design practices. New Urbanism is an urban design practice which is intended to reverse damage caused by unsustainable development. New Urbanism is not only a more environmentally-focused design practice, but it’s also centered around public health and well-being as well as economic stimulation.

Benefits of New Urbanism

Many cities are beginning to practice this forward-thinking vision for urban design. And it’s no wonder as there are some important benefits of New Urbanism that cities can continue to reap long-term.

Decreased Reliance on Transportation
New Urbanism promotes alternative transportation with an emphasis on on-foot transportation. Through mixed-used design, New Urbanism helps bring a wider variety of city uses together in close proximity. This helps reduce pollution, keep congestion down, and helps residents live a healthier, more active lifestyle.
Increased Economic Viability
Lower costs per capita, increase of tax base, and greater accessibility to patrons allow people to spend less on transportation, as well as numerous other benefits which add to a healthier economy.
Improved Community Health
An emphasis on mixed-use design and similar concepts provides a healthier and more engaging city life. It also help promote safer city planning.
Advanced Sustainability
New Urbanism encourages green transportation, and utilizes various sustainable building methods. This helps cities achieve a greater level of sustainability.

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Feature Image: Songdo, South Korea Master Plan is an example of New Urbanism design. Image via Forbes.

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