4 Drought-Ridden States With Water Solutions

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Out of necessity is sometimes born the greatest of innovations. Due to the devastating defects of drought in certain parts of our continent, we’ve had to come up with some creative solutions to conserve water. One of the most important water conservation solutions to occur on a large-scale is wastewater treatment and recycling. Despite the bad connotation that people associate with recycled sewage water, it’s actually perfectly safe for consumption after full treatment.

Closed-loop wastewater treatment is a very important sustainable solution that will drastically improve the water infrastructure of many areas in need.

The following are four states that are currently implementing wastewater recycling programs to counter their drought crisis:

Wichita Falls supplies 50 percent of their drinking water through treated wastewater.
California: Orange County began wastewater treatment in 2008 which provides 90 million gallons of purified water per day.
The State is implementing a wastewater treatment system that injects clean water for residents’ peace of mind.
The Occoquan Sewage Authority has been cleaning wastewater and releasing it into Fairfax County’s reservoir since 1978 which accounts for only five percent of the county’s drinking water.

Read more about these states’ initiatives.

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