5 Solutions for Sustainable Restaurants

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The restaurant industry has been notorious for amassing waste and having an overall negative environmental impact through food distribution and consumption. However, in the face of these challenges as well as pressure from a growing number of concerned consumers, the restaurant industry has great opportunity to reverse the damage and in fact, provide a positive business model both economically and environmentally. Sustainable restaurants are making operational shifts and are attracting more customers this way.

5 Solutions for Sustainable Restaurants

Water Conservation
There are many water-efficiency techniques – including specific equipment – that are available and marketed to the restaurant industry.
Energy Efficiency
By using energy-efficient appliances, restaurants can greatly reduce their impact.
Waste Management
Restaurants are now beginning to perform waste audits so as to analyze areas for improvement..
Building Materials
Sourcing eco-friendly furniture and using recycled materials during construction and renovation can help restaurants reduce their footprint.
Local Food
Restaurants can gain now competitive advantages by ensuring their food supply is primarily sourced locally or even grown on-site.

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