5 Stellar Reasons To Live Near An Urban Forest

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Urban forests are an integral part of building healthy cities. An urban forest is defined as an ecosystem of trees and vegetation that provides its city with ongoing economic, social, and environmental benefits. Urban forests can take many shapes and sizes but regardless of their scope, they still provide unique benefits to improving the urban setting.

5 Benefits of Urban Forests

1. Quality of Life

The health of citizens and their psychological and physical well-being can benefit from the inclusion of urban forests.

2. Recreational Opportunities

Urban forests provide the chance for exercise, relaxation, and other similar activities. All of these activities have a positive benefit on the well being of citizens, and can help foster a sense of community among citizens.

3. Environmental Quality

Urban forests can help reduce the use of energy and C02 emissions, improving urban air quality. They also can help improve urban hydrology, and as a result can help reduce run-off, improve water quality, and reduce storm water treatment costs.

4. Ecological Protection

Urban forests attract wildlife, which is favored by many residents. They also contribute to the conservation of soil, as well as help foster and preserve biodiversity.

5. Economic Opportunities

Areas located near or within urban forests often provide real estate value, attracting potential buyers and providing sellers with a more lucrative payoff for selling a house.  While the evidence of the benefits are elusive, urban forests may also help improve the local economy of a city.

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