6 Easy Tips To Make Your Office Green

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Everything from recycling, to reducing energy consumption, to eliminating waste will all have positive impacts on employee morale, the cost of doing business, customer relations, and of course the Earth. Here are a few tips that your office can implement to save money and reduce the size of that dreaded carbon footprint.

  1. Ensure there are recycling bins at each desk. Remember: wherever there is a garbage bin you must keep it company with one for recycling.
  2. Purchase Energy Star office equipment such as printers, computers, and monitors. This designation from the EPA means that these particular products use less energy.
  3. Turn off all computers and other equipment when you go home. Anything not being used should be sent into “Standby” or “Sleep” mode.
  4. Buy green office supplies such as 100% post-consumer recycled paper, envelopes, and stationary.
  5. Issue electronic statements, invoices, or memos. If you do need to print a document try to format it so it prints on fewer pages. Any drafts that are printed you can turn them into memo pads.
  6. Implement car-pooling or transit incentive programs, telecommuting positions, or bike-friendly storage spaces.

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