6 Ways Eric Corey Freed is World-Class in What He Does

As an authority on organic architecture, Eric Corey Freed has built his credibility in many capacities. His passion and enthusiasm make it easy to create a diverse platform from which he can communicate his message. Here we’ve put together a snap shot of the many facets Eric uses to provide green building solutions.


1.       Architect

The first of many hats worn by Eric Corey Freed is that of Licensed Architect as well as LEED Accredited Professional. His approach to architecture is unique and differentiates him from many of his colleagues. Every building that Eric designs is a green building which uses the most natural elements possible to create an organically balanced result both inside and out. Check out Eric’s portfolio of over 20 years of sustainable designs.

2.       Speaker

When one is passionate about a topic it becomes much easier to convince an audience and convey them of an idea. Eric couples his love of green design with his conviction for change to create a full sensory on-stage experience that leaves you feeling motivated and empowered. Using his engaging personality and awesome sense of humor, Eric spells out exactly what the problem is and how to solve it. This has led to Eric becoming a renowned speaker and an esteemed presenter at international building conferences and an expert guest on talk shows. Check out a sample of Eric making sense of green building below.

3.       Author

To further assure you of Eric’s expertise we can literally proclaim that he “wrote the book on” Green Building. As the author of four books, including the best-selling Green Building & Remodeling for Dummies, and Green your Home for Dummies, Eric is reaching a wide audience of both professionals and individuals in a common-sense fashion. His book GreenSense for your Home won Eric the 2011 Outstanding Book Award from the American Society of Journalists and Authors. His other book Sustainable School Architecture, is an important guide to creating healthier more productive learning environments for elementary and secondary school students. Check out the full list of Eric’s published works which are also available on

to provide green building solutions.

4.       Consultant

Naturally, Eric’s firm organicARCHITECT provides consultation services for everyone in the building industry. Working hand-in-hand with other project leaders, Eric’s team determines the best possible green solutions for any budget as well as feasible alternatives helping others make the most informed, sustainable decisions. Eric understands that decisions can be overwhelming which is why he will work on the homeowner’s behalf to communicate with builders and other architects and select the best materials. In existing homes, Eric incorporates deep energy retrofits to help homeowners lower their utility bills. Learn more about working with Eric.

 to provide green building solutions.

5.       Educator

Through education, Eric is helping to shape the next generation of sustainability and green building. As a co-developer of the Sustainable Design programs at the Academy of Art University and University of California Berkeley Extension, Eric believes in practical information that will offer perfect, tailored solutions. To keep it focused and easy to understand, Eric created the Four Levels of Sustainable Design Commitment:

A)    Substitutions: the fun selection of smarter materials over toxic or harmful ones.
B)    Systems: a look at the systems nature provides to cut energy and water use.
C)    Structure: choosing alternative building methods that are smarter, faster, stronger and more energy efficient.
D)    Siting: ensuring the building is properly oriented on its site to maximize sunlight, breezes and views.

He currently teaches Sustainable Design for the Master’s Program at Boston Architectural College.


6.       Leader

A natural leader, Eric has a way of sparking action because he’s effected it in others. In this capacity he was one of the founders of ecoTECTURE: The Online Journal of Ecological Design, the founding Chair of Architecture for The San Francisco Design Museum, and a founding board member and current Chair of the Coachella Valley branch of the US Green Building Council. As a board member of Architects, Designers & Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR), Green Home Guide and West Coast Green, and several other advisory boards of various organizations, Eric likes to support organizations actively working to make sustainability mainstream.

In appreciation of Eric’s many accomplishments and devotion to his practice he was named by San Francisco Magazine “Best Green Architect” in 2005 and “Best Visionary” in 2007; and “Green Visionary” by 7×7 Magazine in 2008. In 2012, organicARCHITECT was named one of the 25 “Best Green Architecture Firms” in the US, and Eric as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Green Architects.”

In our opinion, the greatest way that Eric proves himself to be an incredible pioneer is his larger-than-life personality and ability to disrupt the acceptance of our way of life. He hits us with hard facts and strong realities while guiding us to our obvious solution. Eric believes that “in the future we won’t even use the term “green” anymore. Green Building will simply be the way it is. This is inevitable”. It’s thanks to visionaries like Eric that we are achieving this standard.

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