7 Environmental Factors That Impact Plant Growth

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The survival and health of your plants is entirely dependent on the conditions under which they’re grown. Plants of course need certain requirements to achieve their optimal level of growth. Within each hardiness zone there are individual factors that can determine the success or failure of plants. Of course these environmental factors change throughout the year and so appropriate plant types must be selected based on your zone and the season.

Here are 7 environmental factors that will impact the growth of your garden:

The amount of sun exposure your garden receives.
Soil Moisture
A standard 50-50 moisture ratio is best for soil based gardening
Maintain an constant temperature is important to ensure the health of your plants
Protecting your garden from strong winds is important in ensuring their root systems are not disrupted
Proper ventilation is required to maintain healthy plants
Water pH
Maintain a pH balance in your water between 5.5 and 7.5
Soil pH
Maintain a pH balance in your soil of around 7

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