7 Reasons For Real Estate Agents To Take Green Designation Seriously

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Real estate agents, along with many professions, have a fiduciary duty to look after the best interests of their clients. There’s much progression in the way of green building trends as concern over human health and environmental responsibility grow. It’s only a matter of time before changing building legislation and growing expectations will affect ROI on personal or commercial real estate. As a real estate professional, it’s imperative that you be on the cutting edge of green education and begin training for the future of your career – especially in terms of providing more value to your clients. Why not have your clients thank you instead of having questions about why you weren’t able to forecast pending green standards.

1. Show ROI on green real estate – valuation on homes as codes and policies for new construction improve.

2. Understand energy models – what alternative energy sources and energy saving systems can homes or businesses implement.

3. Watch for environmental strategies – determine whether certain homes are meeting criteria that fit within present or impending environmental codes.

4. Niche selling /marketing – training on how to market green and demonstrate long-term value.

5. Advice on greening a home – how to green existing homes and businesses that were not constructed using green methods.

6. Specialized sustainability training – provides agents with tools to educate home and business buyers on products, building procedures, features, and systems that make buildings energy efficient, healthy, and green.

7. Trained on green building technology – understanding the technology behind the ecological constructing of the building adds value.

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