8 Smart Energy Solutions for Cities

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A Smart City is a model of city development which combines urban planning with technology to monitor and increase the performance of a city to make it more sustainable. Energy is a massive element of a city’s infrastructure and is therefore extremely important to measure in order to make its consumption and distribution more efficient.

Energy use in a city raises several different concerns for city planners including the price and availability, as well as local greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, as part of the development of the Smart City model, there are Smart Energy solutions now being practiced in cities around the world.

Here are 8 Smart Energy solutions for cities to consider:

1. Decentralized Energy & Micro Grids: decentralizing energy generation, thus reducing the transmission distances, makes it possible to reduce energy losses. Micro grids are small-scale, decentralized network.

2. Smart Grids: a concept that combines ICT with the electrical power networks to manage it in a “smarter” way.

3. Electric Vehicles: the mass adoption of electric cars can have a huge impact in cutting carbon emissions and fuel demand.

4. Smart Metering& Info Displays: making energy usage visible is an incentive to reduce the energy consumption.

5. Real Time Pricing & Demand Response: the New York trial shows how to give a flexible (supply based) price to residents using electricity depending on the time of day energy is being consumed.

6. Combined Heat & Power and District Heating: both systems offer a substantial efficiency improvement.

7. Renewable and Feed-in Tariffs: renewable sources can be used to sustainably produce clean energy. Feed-in Tariffs obligate utility companies to buy electricity from renewables and so, that is a useful incentive for the private sector to invest in renewable energy production.

8. High Efficiency Lamps & Smart Lighting: these systems improve performances and reduce electricity consumption.

Read more about Smart Energy solutions in the original article by Adriano Pilloni, Environmental Economics Expert.

Feature Image: The “Smart Grid, Smart City” is part of the National Energy Efficiency campaign located in Newcastle, Australia. Image via ABC News Australia.

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