9 Characteristics of People Who Live Longer

A Blue Zone is a term used to identify a demographic or geographic area in the world where people live considerably  longer lives. In each of these areas, the rate of centenarians (residents over the age of 100) is ten times greater than in the US.

By studying the correlation between local lifestyles and longevity, researchers found that all residents share the same nine characteristics in blue zones. Here’s a summary of the characteristics of people who live longer in areas identified a blue zones:

Characteristics of Blue Zones

  1. Find Ways to Move More: move naturally through constant moderate physical activity as an inseparable part of life
  2. Wake Up With a Purpose: know your purpose
  3. Stress Relief: routine and habits that shed stress
  4. 80% Rule: stop eating when your stomach is 80% full
  5. Plant Slant: consume legumes and bean regularly, eating less meat (bean-based diets). The majority of food consumed is derived from plants
  6. Alcohol: Drink alcohol regularly yet moderately
  7. Choose the Right Tribe: a close social circle that supported healthy behaviours
  8. Belong:  belong to a faith-based community and attend gatherings monthly (all but 5 of the 263 centenarians interviewed)
  9. Family First: continue to put their families first and before other concerns

Creating a Blue Zone Culture

Changing your location or moving into one of the five blue zones may not be not be the answer, but by adding these focused characteristics to your daily routine will prove to be beneficial in terms of longevity and health.

Choosing to live in a community where the culture is to follow these principles may be a reasonable solution. Check out the Blue Zone Program. Many Blue Zone projects are currently being developed.

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Featured Image: Three generations of people – a father, son, and a grandfather – play soccer together. Image via Ingimage.com.

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