9 Cities With Rainwater Management Incentives

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As climate change, and particularly water supply become pressing social and environmental issues faced in more and more regions, cities are looking to incentivize their residents and business community to  participate in the solution. Rainwater management incentives from municipal governments are a great way to encourage environmental protection and help support in an economic capacity as well.

Cities With Rainwater Management Incentives

Here are 9 North American cities with rainwater management incentives and programs in place for both residents and developers.

  1. Guelph, Ontario: Rainwater Harvesting System Rebate
  2. Tuscon, Arizona: Single Family Residential Rainwater Incentives Rebate Program
  3. San Diego, California: Residential Rainwater Harvesting Rebate Program
  4. Austin, Texas: Rainwater Harvesting Rebates
  5. Oakland, California: Rain Barrel Program
  6. Santa Rosa, California: Rainwater Harvesting Rebate
  7. Portland, Oregon: Stormwater Discount Program
  8. Seattle, Washington: Rainwise Program
  9. Nanaimo, British Columbia: Rainwater Harvesting Incentive Program

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Feature Image: Barrels used to capture rainwater at a residence. Image via Baltimore Sun.

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