9 Gardening Tips For Micro Apartments

Published On 27/06/2014 | By PowerHouse Growers | Balcony & Container Gardening, Most Popular, Urban Agriculture

Gardening can use less space than you think. With micro apartments  trending globally, we have come up with the top garden tips for living in small spaces. Remember that these tips can be used for your office kitchens and work spaces as well.  Maximize space vertically and make sure to scale your plants and garden to fit the size of your living area so that it doesn’t end up feeling smaller.

1. Build/fasten a gutter to the outside of your windowsill or patio wall  to grow strawberries.

2. Window farm using old pop bottles.

3. Vertically stacking planters.

4. Herbs for your kitchen counter and window.

5. Use living walls as art. There are several types of systems and living walls that you can decorate with.

6. Create a privacy wall using a vertical living wall system or a DIY creation of your own.

Apartment Composting Solutions

Start your own indoor or patio odorless composting bin and use your household waste to fertilize your plants. Your plants will feel loved and won’t be disappointed while you’re out socializing or working with friends.

7. Mix blended egg shells

8. Use discarded coffee grinds

9. Collect and use dead leaves

To start your odorless composting bin you will need the following:

  • Organic potting soil. Try Black Gold.
  • Vermicompost (worms). Ask for ProRganix at your garden supply store.
  • Shredded, dampened newspaper.
  • Space saving bin that fits under your sink or under a chair on your deck.

Check out this video from Martha Stewart to learn the step-by-step process of how to make your odorless compost bin for your apartment.

Using these methods will provide you with a healthy happy home.

Feature Image: Living wall on a balcony from G Wall Jardines Verticales.

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