9 Ways an Eco-District Provides Benefits For its Community

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Eco-districts employing a strong urban agriculture plan understand the significant impact that access to healthy and locally-grown food has on community residents. A secure, local food system in the heart of an eco-district provides the following benefits for its community:

  1. Economic opportunities (specialty restaurants, farmers’ markets, and building integrated agriculture)
  2. Educational and training outcomes
  3. Mental and physical well-being as attributed to biophilia
  4. Vibrant green spaces for safe and secure social gatherings
  5. Solutions to mitigate stormwater and harvest rainwater
  6. Composting and waste reduction capabilities
  7. Natural wildlife habitat protection
  8. Provision of purified urban air
  9. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions caused by transportation

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Feature Image: Portland’s Gateway EcoDistrict. Image via University of Oregon.

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