About Us

PowerHouse Growers believes that Urban Agriculture and Integrated Vegetation need to be at the core of sustainable urban communities in order to design a prosperous future for generations to build upon.

PowerHouse  Growers’  Top 3  Values

1. Quality Education 
2. Lasting Relationships 
3. Social Responsibility 
…through awareness that leads to action.

Who  We  Are

PowerHouse Growers connects individuals and businesses seeking tools and resources to sustainably incorporate urban agriculture into design, businesses, schools, and homes. Through PowerHouse Growers, individuals, experts, businesses, and governments speak the same language of integrated agriculture, urban design, and green development.

About Us

PowerHouse Growers shows you how to incorporate urban agriculture and biophilia into your cities for healthy, sustainable construction and design. Sharing the latest in technology, innovative design, and case studies, PowerHouse Growers provides solutions for integrating urban agriculture into urban design, ensuring prosperous futures in high-density environments.

What  We  Believe

PowerHouse Growers believes in more than trends. Small, sustainable changes lead to larger impacts, which result in healthier people.

Our mission is to connect people with the facts about the environmental, social, and health benefits of building-integrated vegetation.

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