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PowerHouse Growers Invests In You

We believe your business deserves the opportunity to convey your products’ messages directly to your customers. Our careful selection of content to fit your brand benefits your business and our readers, too! For as little as $50 PowerHouse Growers offers you the best possible value in helping your business achieve its Marketing & Communications goals.

Services PowerHouse Growers Provides:

  • Geo-targeting
  • Contextual advertising
  • Advertorials
  • New product launch campaigns
  • Original content publishing
  • Targeted content
  • Direct marketing
  • Newsletter sponsorships
  • Social media and specialized marketing blasts
  • Directory

The Power of the PowerHouse Growers Brand

Since PowerHouse Growers Group’s inception, our company has experienced an increase in traffic and following of over 300%, including an average monthly growth rate of 48%. The launch of our niche digital media publications PowerHouse Hydroponics has expanded our growth. Powerhouse Hydroponics was a natural expansion providing much sought after information about soilless farming and aquaponics relating to food security. While our growth from the flagship publication, PHG has held steady, our latest additions have bolstered expansion. PowerHouse Growers Group has evolved into a prominent online publisher of authoritative content in the emerging field of urban sustainability.

We are dedicated to expose your sustainable brand as though it were our own.  An online magazine that is dedicated to inform and educate individuals and businesses about all things sustainable. So advertise with us and let the power of our brand and sustainable market experiences work for you.

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PowerHouse Growers Sales Contacts

Advertise with is by emailing our press team at [email protected]

PowerHouse Growers is the parent company of PowerHouse Hydroponics. 

Contact us to advertise your business.

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