Algae – The Next Great Biofuel Source

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Reducing Our Dependency On Fossil Fuels

It’s no secret that our planet can’t keep going down the path of no return. At some point we need to change direction, get on another trail, and blaze right on through to a new destination. I’m talking about our dependency on fossil fuels. Researchers have been working overtime and investing enormous amounts of money into creating new, exciting sources of biofuel.

The global demand for fuel is unlikely to dwindle – in fact we’ll undoubtedly continue to watch it increase. With many different options for fuel being further developed, we’ll start to see that these new energy sources will eventually become widely available to consumers based on economies of scale. The more they can produce at once, the less expensive it’ll be for the consumer.

An exciting new source of biofuel comes from algae. The benefits of converting algae into biofuel include that it grows quickly and in abounding masses, it contains high levels of plant oils, and it can be grown virtually anywhere. Using algae for biofuel also means that we won’t deplete the world’s food supply which is the result of using other plant based fuels such as corn or sugar cane. They actually grow algae vertically in clear plastic bags which exposes them to sunlight for faster photosynthesis.

The happiest and most satisfying idea about algae as biofuel is that it’s a cleaner and greener burning fuel and its extraction process doesn’t leave devastating and damaging effects on the environment (like oil).

Of course there are pros and cons to algae as biofuel. To learn more about the process I recommend this article from HowStuffWorks – “How Algae Biodiesel Works”.

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