Blurred Lines: Eric Corey Freed Redefines Environmentalism

Imagine a city where the concrete jungle fades into a natural, abundant environment. Sound too far fetched? Frank Lloyd Wright didn’t think so and neither does Eric Corey Freed. Wright saw design elements as symbiotic compliments to humans and their environment, coining the term “Organic Architecture” to describe this practice. Eric has since borrowed the term to build his own innovative design and sustainable architecture firm called organicARCHITECT based in San Francisco, carrying on Wright’s legacy. By blurring the lines inside and out between human creations and nature, organicARCHITECT designs spaces that blend the natural and man-made environments seamlessly.


Eric has identified and declared this practice as the sustainable solution to the problem our world faces today, which is that we’ve become “disconnected with nature” as he describes. In the not-so distant future all buildings will be green buildings and Eric Corey Freed is passionately paving the way for others to follow. “Everything that exists in the world should make the world a better place” he says of the forward push on green buildings.


An Energized and Engaged Environmentalist

Eric, now a licensed architect and LEED Accredited Professional, always knew he wanted to design beautiful buildings with purpose, function, and above all environmental harmony. According to Eric, non-green buildings consume 40% of our natural resources and energy and create a multitude adverse effects on our health and biodiversity. In order to restore the nature that the built environment has destroyed, we can employ the principle of biomimicy to balance out the negative impact.

An accomplished speaker, author, and educator, Eric uses wit and rhetoric to drive home his point that humans are their own worst enemies. “Dodo Sapiens” he calls our not-so-evolved species and facetiously illustrates our genius of placing children in poorly-ventilated school rooms painted floor to ceiling in chemical coatings for six hours each day. What he calls “short-term thinking” has ubiquitously prevented us from shifting our built environment to a sustainable one. By juxtaposing our advanced scientific and technological capabilities against a recently constructed toxic building, Eric has exposed our irrefutable ineptitude and shamed us into the awareness of our mediocrity. It’s effective and engaging which ultimately ignites action and implements change.

“A green building generates its own energy, cleans its own water, regenerates its environment” he describes of the obvious advantages of sustainable construction. “We can’t afford not to build green buildings” he states bluntly.


What He’s Working On

Eric has an extensive portfolio of high-end designs from residential all the way through to large commercial buildings and urban master plans. Every building he designs is a green one. In addition to architecture and design commitments, Eric now spends much of his time consulting on the principles of Organic Architecture, and traveling for various speaking engagements as a sough-after presenter. His unique method of delivering the green building gospel is an asset to anyone fortunate enough to interact with him.

One of Eric’s primary focuses right now is that of “net-zero water”. Systems are now being installed in buildings so that any water runoff is recovered, filtered, and used, then collected and re-used again to create a sustainable closed-loop system, just like in nature. “Net-zero water” is a beautiful example of a building’s lines being blurred into those of nature and conservation.


Fighting for the Future

With over 20 years of experience behind him, Eric has seen some significant changes in our social acceptance of sustainability. A large part of where we go from here is dependent on our abilities to communicate and deliver the all-important message of green buildings and natural design. Eric Corey Freed has an aligned vision with the team at PowerHouse Growers. It’s the concept of a world that operates as a function of its nature, in sync with the environment, and optimizes our surroundings to deliver on all sustainable efficiencies we’ve developed.

Get to know Eric better and see the difference he’s making. Learn more about organicArchitect and their portfolio of work.


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