Call to Action: Solutions for Urban Leaders

Urban Leadership

In order to build better cities we must establish a culture of social responsibility among our urban leaders. This foundation of balance between our economy and our ecosystem will shape how our cities grow from here on out. But it’s up to our urban leaders to communicate this mindset, these values, and this vision. The leaders are the ones who create a benchmark against which all new developments will be measured. By setting a new line of standards, our cities will develop in such a way that they’re actually contributing to positive changes, as opposed to leaving damaging effects in their wake.

Urban leaders in both the public and private sectors need to communicate among each other, share ideas, and collaborate on the best ways to implement socially responsible solutions. This means creating opportunities that are good for the economy and good for the ecosystem.


Who Are Our Urban Leaders?

Urban leaders are those who can influence the outcome of our cities’ design, productivity, health, and performance. Urban leadership impacts everything from our schools, homes, and office buildings to our streets, parks, and oceans.  Urban leaders are individuals spanning all industries, sectors, and lifestyles. Urban leaders are:

  • City planners
  • Policy and law professionals
  • Real Estate developers
  • Educators
  • Architects and design specialists
  • Environmental professionals
  • Business and finance experts
  • Technology and communications specialists
  • Agricultural technicians
  • Farmers, food producers, and urban agriculture enthusiasts
  • Alternative energy engineers
  • Natural resource managers
  • Mothers, fathers, and grandparents
  • Children and young adults
  • Social and environmental advocates
  • Anyone who cares and makes an effort to do the right thing


 Setting New Standards

It’s our mission to share with the world the stories of actions and initiatives implemented by fellow urban leaders. The simple awareness of what’s possible is valuable in itself. By sharing positive solutions, we’re able to encourage and influence – and yes, even put pressure on – those who can and should be following suit. Urban leaders set social responsibility standards, without compromise. They communicate their vision and ensure that all efforts lead to its achievement.  These standards to live by may include:

It’s time we look to our innovators, utilize the technology and knowledge we have in our grasp, and change the course of how do things. The minimum standard is no longer good enough. We need to raise the bar, for our planet, for our health, and for our economy. Long-term thinking and mental shifts are what will we change our culture. Urban leaders need this information. They need to know their options.

If you know an urban leader, please share with them these solutions. It’s up to all of us to spread the awareness and demand a new set of standards.

About The Author

Emily Rodgers
Emily is Editor and Co-Founder of PowerHouse Growers. Having found a passion for sustainability, she seeks to be on the cutting edge of ecological urban design. Emily's mission is to help others see the value in social and environmental responsibility so they may live happier, healthier, and more productive lives. By delivering relevant, useful, and educational news and articles that inspire action, Emily believes that all individuals, businesses, and city officials can do their part to collaboratively create sustainable communities.