Closing the Loop: Key to A Sustainable Future

By Steven Kuzminsky | Editorial, Sustainable Living, Urban Design

Greetings growers! I’m Steven Kuzminsky and I’ll be writing for PowerHouse Growers as an Intern and Contributor. I’m currently a student at California State University, Chico. This Fall, I’ll be graduating with a degree in Business Administration, with an option in Accounting. My minors include Sustainability Management and International Business.

It’s my aspiration to be a sustainability consultant for firms around the world and spread practices that promote healthy living and a sustainable future. I’m a certified Sustainability Manager, by the Sustainability Management Association and am working towards my professional certification. I’m studying to take the LEED Green Associate exam, and plan on taking the Project Management Institute (PMI) exam at the end of summer.

An aquaculture hobbyist at heart, I have a passion for DIY projects which I plan to publish on PowerHouse Growers. I hope to demonstrate ways that the average person can begin to implement urban gardening solutions at home. My passion for aquaculture began about three years ago when I decided to keep a pet crawfish which I found in a local lake. I decided that for him to feel like he was in nature, he couldn’t live alone. He needed fish friends, too. From that moment on I was obsessed. If I was going to keep aquatic pets, they were going to live in the most realistic, natural environments possible.

In keeping aquatic pets, I’ve educated myself on nitrogen cycles, water pH, and how to manage biodiversity. I’ve built custom aquarium filters and constructed planted tanks as well. All of this led up to my natural addiction to sustainability. All the time I had been unknowingly connected to living closed loop systems that parallel the systems embodied by the vision of a sustainable future.

I was first exposed to the field of sustainability in my introduction to business class at Chico State. I didn’t fully realize the sense of empowerment that sustainability can bring until my senior year of college. After I decided that sustainability was something I owed to myself to adopt, I enrolled in the school’s sustainability minor. Over the past year that passion for sustainability has grown rapidly into the tremendous enthusiasm that I have today. Classes that I’ve taken have completely changed my perspective on the world, and I’m convinced that the way we live currently is not the way we’re meant to live. I don’t believe that our linear system of cradle-to-grave consumption can continue for much longer. At Chico, we learn that cradle-to-cradle and closed loop systems are the key to a sustainable future.

About The Author

Hello, I am Steven Kuzminsky, thank you for viewing my profile. I am currently a student at California State University, Chico. My areas of study are business administration, marketing, sustainability management, and international business. I am graduating in December 2014 and will be pursuing a career in sustainability management.