PHG Digital Publishing and Marketing

For three years PHG Digital Publishing has been working on systemizing digital publishing and marketing systems. These proven systems aim to aid your company in creating:

  1. Systemize digital strategies
  2. Innovative and reinvent your online presence
  3. Connect with your targeted community digitally
  4. Stay abreast of the completion

PHG Digital Publishing systems have helped brokerages, internal corporate departments, teams, individuals, and built and assisted with digital publications. We grew digital platforms from 0 – 32,732 unique visitors a month publishing up to 46 articles a month.

We’ve developed proven systems to maximize time and reach. Through weekly publishing systems, community engagement via social media, and streamlined outreach tactics  we see an increase in online presence.

Who we are

A digital marketing and publishing team with specialized knowledge of the marketing strategies tailored for this digital age.

What we do

Increase your online presence and brand awareness through

  • Publishing material digitally providing you with online exposure your company requires in this digital age
  • Distribute and design digital marketing campaigns
  • Blogging and paper publishing
  • WP website updates, linking, and SEO
  • Create and distribute digital newsletters and prepare for printed version
  • Announcements
  • Social Media
  • and other proven strategies

How you benefit

We develop a system and prepare a proposal that is unique to you, designed to immolate your personal brand. Saving your company time and increasing

  1. your local or chosen geographical location or demographics
  2. brand awareness
  3. unique visitors/leads
  4. community engagement and connections

Why choose us

Our digital publishing systems work. We are fast, efficient and effective. and have invested in building our knowledge of the industry – we may even have developed a team with specialized knowledge of your industry!

  • Targeted demographic or geographical location of your choice
  • Our systems are broken down do that you can choose the amount you want to invest in as little as 15 min increments. That way your not being charged for time your not using

Tailored for industries such as medical sales, car industry, construction, insurance, and the real estate industry.


You choose how frequent in terms of time investment and budget requirements. But we can’t guarantee that you won’t want more after seeing the results!

  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily

How much will it cost

As little as $25 week.

How do you get started with PHG Digital Publishing

Contact us for a free consultation. We will discuss your business and/or career goals to assess how we can help, then offer you a tailored digital marketing plan to help you reach those goals.

Our systems are scalable. Start with 15 mins a week or move into our daily programs. Our goal is to increase brand awareness for smaller companies and big ones alike.