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Living The Urban Lifestyle doesn’t just determine the best choices for what you put in your body (fresh, organic food) and around your body (lower waste, lower energy consumption), but also what you put ON your body.  There are more and more options these days that make The Urban Lifestyle a lot more attainable. You don’t need to compromise the things you love for the ideas you care about. This is where Eco Fashion offers you terrific options that support eco-friendly awareness, ethical practices, and worthy causes.

Eco Fashion Defined

Eco Fashion brands are becoming widely accepted by the entire mainstream fashion industry including its media master, Vogue. Manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impact are a hot consumer demand and there are multiple designers, retailers and manufacturers now equal to the task. Fibers such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo are now grown with minimal water consumption, and after and being woven using reduced energy methods are now being sold as luxury fabrics by Eco Fashion brands. Designers now proudly display their Green America Certified Business seal to signal consumers of their accreditation in eco-friendly practices. This reassures concerned consumers of the company’s legitimacy making them feel empowered to purchase from Eco Fashion brands.

Eco Fashion Brands

Eco Fashion companies are emerging internationally providing a wide range of eco-friendly apparel for men, women and children. Here are some designers, retailers, and manufacturers who sell Eco Fashion brands:

Eco Fashion World – Men, Women, Children, and Accessories covering various Eco Fashion brands

Mulierose – Women’s Eco Fashion brand

Ettitude – Men, Women, Children, and Accessories

Lur Apparel – Women’s Eco Fashion brand

And Suns – Men’s and Women’s Eco Fashion brands

Sustainable Living Fabrics – Fabric manufacturer supplying to Eco Fashion brands


Eco Fashion Celebrities

Here’s a list of some (but not nearly all) celebs who know how to work Eco Fashion:

-Emma Watson and Alberta Farretti team up on Pure Threads

-Gwyneth Paltrow’s Eco Fashion sunglasses brand available on Ecouterre

-Natalie Portman – From her engagement ring to her Dior demands

-Bradley Cooper rocks a Tom Ford “eco-tux” at the 2013 Golden Globes

-Jessica Alba – Author of The Honest Life


Eco Fashion Experts

Eco Fashion blogs and websites are an awesome resource for latest trends, products and news on how to achieve an environmentally-friendly personal style. Here are some top Eco Fashion blogs you can get into:

-The Huffington Post’s Ecofabulous


Ecorazzi’s Lifestyle Fashion Section

Fabulously Green

-Haute Nature



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If you’ve got Eco Fashion covered you might want to see if you cut it as a Super-Foodie.

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