Everything We Do Counts: How To Make A Daily Impact

By Tara Campbell | Editorial

Everything we do counts and everyone we touch is impacted. In this sense, it’s important then for us to understand who we are and what we value as we’re given opportunities each day to make a difference. There is an opportunity for daily impact for each of us. We can make a difference in our own lives by ensuring we remain connected to ourselves and our own happiness. Too often we rely on technology which drives us further and further away from our own fulfillment. This begins a vicious circle that impacts our quality of life.

Not only does it impact our own quality of life, but it impacts the lives of those for whom we care. If we’re unable to care for ourselves how may we ever be able to properly care for anyone else? One way to alter this void is to attain a level of personal leadership and an awareness of our own emotional intelligence. This instills a sense of purpose in our daily lives whereby we are conscious of each and every effort we make to improve ourselves and to positively impact those around us.


However, this requires a certain level of discipline. If we can stick to this state of mind, magic happens. We put service to others at the forefront of our being. We reconnect with humanity and Mother Nature. And most importantly we turn our motivation into action.

It’s been proven that those who give up their time to serve others actually end up achieving more, become healthier, and better develop emotionally than those who look at life through tunnel vision. By creating this strong inner foundation we can reap greater rewards than ever imagined.

You may want to ask yourself how you add value to other people’s lives. Indeed everyone has it in them to make this part of their daily routine. Only through action can we make solutions happen instead of just talking about them. To be the change we wish to see in the world is through setting an example for those who are inspired by us and our children.


We have daily choices to make our lives count. We can choose social consciousness, education, relationships with one another, the right to healthy food, and to surround ourselves with people who care. All of this makes a difference – it all counts. There are certain people we choose to do business with in order to unify and change the world, one step in front of the other. Make it your goal to have an impact and take pride in knowing that others breathed easier because you have lived.

After hearing many stories from others, I’ve realized that I’ve lived fuller life than some of those twice my age because of wonder and curiosity, because of action, and by living shamelessly. My life has been filled with gratitude for everything around me. By refining my own relationship with myself and others I have become liberated.

“Only a life lived for others is life worthwhile.” – Einstein

About The Author

Tara Campbell
Tara, Founder of PowerHouse Growers, uses the following 3 guiding principles to deliver you this platform: Quality Education, Lasting Relationships, and Social Responsibility bringing awareness that leads to action! It is our responsibility to share what we know about creating healthy urban environments, food security, and our kids' health. Creating foundations that future generations can build on.