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The Google Science Fair 2013 will be underway next week with contestants ages 13-18 from all over the world competing for a $50,000 scholarship. Each entrant must formulate their own hypothesis, conduct a coordinating experiment, and present the results before a diverse panel of judges including 2012 Google Science Fair winner, Brittany Wenger.

These remarkable young students will inspire you with some of the innovative products and solutions they have come up with to solve eco issues. Some candidates to watch for are:

A New Kind of Magnet

Kavita Selva, age 13, USA

Kavita has designed a superconductor that uses only a small amount of rare-earth materials to efficiently provide the manufacturers of electric cars and wind turbines with the magnets they need for the motors.

Research on Endangered Species

Venkat Sankar, age 14, USA

Venkat has created a simulation which will project the impact that proposed infrastructure will have on local wildlife, and endangered species in particular.

A Battery-Free Flashlight

Ann Makosinski, age 15, Canada

Ann has designed a flashlight that operates using only the thermal output of a human hand.

A Green Method to Clean Water

Shrishti Asthana, age 15, India

Shrishti has come up with a green solution for removing detergents from waste water. By using solar light she is able to quickly, and cost-effectively degrade the detergents resulting in a non-toxic end product.

Creating Bioplastics from a Banana Peel

Elif Bilgin, age 16, Turkey

 Elif is replacing traditional petroleum based plastic manufacturing with bioplastics made from banana peels. These banana peel bioplastics will be applicable in various daily uses.

Check out the Google Science Fair website to get an update on this year’s grand prize winner. The winner will be announced September 23, 2013.

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Photo Credit: Google Science Fair 2013,, September 16, 2013

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