Green Real Estate Designations Add Value

Real estate professionals are constantly taking courses and acquiring accreditation to expand their skills and knowledge which further helps their clients find their dream or vacation homes, and business or investment properties. Today there are ways agents can specialize in certain aspects of the real estate industry, one of those ways being through green real estate designations. Completing a green real estate certification adds value to an agent’s business as there are a few differences in selling a green home or property over conventional ones.

Professional Green Real Estate Services

By obtaining certification through one of the many green real estate designations available, real estate professionals will be more qualified to:

Show ROI on green real estate – valuation on homes as codes and policies for new construction improve.

Understand energy models – what alternative energy sources and energy saving systems can homes or businesses implement.

Watch for environmental strategies – determine whether certain homes are meeting criteria that fit within present or impending environmental codes.

Niche selling /marketing – training on how to market green and demonstrate long-term value.

Advice on greening a home – how to green existing homes and businesses that were not constructed using green methods.

Specialized sustainability training – provides agents with tools to educate home and business buyers on products, building procedures, features, and systems that make buildings energy efficient, healthy, and green.

Trained on green building technology – understanding the technology behind the ecological constructing of the building adds value.

Corporations are making this shift in a large way through commercial real estate, but the housing market is still a little bit behind. The reason for this may be that some of the upfront costs are not being justified and therefore, the potential ROI is not being communicated to home buyers. This only further proves how necessary it is to have agents with green real estate designations who are able to explain the value and benefits of green homes and properties.


Green Real Estate Designations

Some of the green real estate designations available are:

A Growing & Competitive Industry

These certifications offer distinctive training in this growing and competitive industry. Green real estate designations also allow for growth and varied levels of specialization for the real estate agent and brokerage.

Though many real estate boards don’t require their agents to pursue green designations, eventually they will. This is because municipalities and other levels of government are starting to make environmental policies and codes mandatory. It’s happening quickly and before you know it, it will be a requirement across many fields. Why not be one of the first in your brokerage to hold these designations and offer what is now a specialized, niche service in real estate?

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