Grow Your Own Coffee Plant

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Drink Your Plant

Nothing could be more satisfying than growing your Coffea Arabica from a seedling, nurturing it into a beautiful blooming, mature plant and then harvesting its beans, roasting them, grinding them, and eventually brewing them.

Coffee plants are becoming trendy indoor plants both for their eventual outcome (morning fuel), and for their deep, glossy green leaves. Plus you will gain an appreciation for the hard work that goes in to coffee production.

Nursing a coffee plant from seedling to harvest takes between 3 and 4 years and requires a certain amount of attention. The plant will need approximately 4 hours of filtered sunlight each day and quite a bit of watering in humid climates. You will also need to be conscious of its root system as they need lots of space. Consider re-potting at the 9-12 month mark. Eventually your plant will bear ripe red fruit ready to be picked in the fall. Each bean will be surrounded in a pulp which when peeled away will be ready for roasting and grinding.

For a convenient guide to maintaining your coffee plant, check out this article from

If you find it hard to track down the seedlings in your local nursery you can also order a Grow Your Own Coffee kit from which has everything you need with simple instructions. And it comes in an awesome mini greenhouse! You will start to see them sprouting in 3-4 weeks.

You can also order the Arabica Coffee Bean plant direct from Amazon.

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