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GrowingCitiesPoster8 5x11web (3)When you objectively look at your city – the design, the people, the leaders – are you satisfied with what you see? Or do imagine what changes can be made to improve the health and lives of those in your community?

This is what two men, Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette set out to solve as they traveled across America looking for which cities were promoting healthy, locally-produced food. Their hometown of Omaha, NE has been considered a food desert with little collective value placed on nutrition. As one of the fastest growing cities in America, Omaha will need to find a sustainable way to provide local, healthy, and accessible food to ensure its residents thrive. Dan and Andrew wanted to learn firsthand from the experiences of others in order to make a difference in their own community.

After visiting New Orleans, L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, Detroit, New York and more, the pair of filmmakers honestly captured not only the urban farming practices taking place in each city, but the stories of the individuals who are driving the transformation of their local food system.

They learned of the inspirational teacher in New Orleans who helps troubled and impoverished youth develop the valuable skills of growing your own food and taking it to market. In San Francisco, the pair met a homesteading man who contained all his subsistence to his yard, including the raising of goats. And at the largest rooftop garden in New York City, the hard-working people who started the urban farm showed Dan and Andrew that you don’t need a lot of space to grow fresh produce.

These are only snapshots of the many heart-warming and motivational stories shared in Growing Cities. The practice of urban agriculture isn’t new. In fact it’s a natural way of life that our urbanized societies have lost sight of.  But the few who are growing their own food have stories that deserve to be told and shared with the many who aren’t and don’t know how.

It is through their passion for making a change that these two ambitious filmmakers were able to create this uplifting documentary with the goal of sparking conversation across America on this important way of life.

If you’d like to empower your community to become a Growing City you can apply to host a screening of the film. Visit for more information.

And check out the movie trailer below.

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