Start Growing In A Small Urban Space (Part One)

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You’ve decided you’d like to start growing indoors but don’t think you have the space. Well lucky for you, PowerHouse Growers has compiled a three part series outlining unique options for indoor gardening with limited space, including useful tips, resources, and products to get you on your way.

Living Walls

Living walls are hot trends right now for urban gardeners. Not only are there tons of functional and good-looking products for you to choose from, the systems are also low maintenance and they maximize space. It is fairly easy to create your own living wall structure, and of course there are many kits available for easy assembly. You’ll want to choose an appropriate wall space before you get started.

Do-It-Yourself Living Walls

To achieve the look and benefits of living walls you will need certain materials to construct it yourself. To build your own living wall you’ll need a solid plastic or wooden frame, a fabric backdrop (try felt), plastic tubing to create the irrigation system, and a variety of plants of your choice. Check out these step-by-step DIY instructions from

Living Wall Products

Because living walls are now all the rage, there are many modern and functional products that will provide you with the living art trend.

ELT Easy Green is a modular living wall

Woolly Pocket offers a variety of living wall planters depending on how your wall space is

Florafelt from Plants On Walls. Check out their Youtube video

GroVert Living Wall Planter from Bright Green USA comes in two sizes: 8”X18”4” and 20”X20”X2.5”

Amazon has a variety of living wall planters available

Living walls in a home can become a focal point turning your plants into wall art. The plants help improve the air quality of your home by purifying the air, removing toxins, and releasing clean oxygen. This is especially beneficial if you are in fact living in a smaller space.

Check back tomorrow for our next idea sharing session on growing indoors using hay.

Photo Credit: GroVert Living Wall Planter,, September 17, 2013.

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