Healthy Homes Maximize Human Potential

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There’s a growing emphasis on the importance of human health and wellbeing – especially when it comes to our exposure to toxins, chemicals, and air pollution in our surroundings. Homeowners are placing health at the top of the priority list and are looking for better long-term options for their families. This is because as a society we now have a better understanding of the impact that our homes have on our happiness, wellbeing, and overall success – not to mention on our environment. Our homes are where memories are made, so quality of life is essential in creating a supportive and healthy living environment.

When entering the real estate market, there are lots of factors at play. With building aspects like air, water, light, and energy to take into consideration it’s important to be educated on the best options available. This is to prevent purchasing a home that exhibits traits of “sick building syndrome”.

Benefits of Healthy Homes

Healthy homes are becoming a more popular option among builders, architects, and homeowners for the long-term environmental, economic, and health benefits their designs provide for occupants. Here are some of the results from healthy home designs.


Benefits of healthy homes as reported by homeowners. Image via McGraw Hill Construction.

Healthy Homes Reduce:

  • risk of respiratory illness with proper ventilation
  • energy and water consumption with efficient design
  • presence of mold and rot through proper building techniques
  • exposure to toxins and chemicals from building materials like glue, paint, and sealant that off-gas
  • headaches and sleeplessness with design elements like lighting, building materials, and bedroom layouts

Healthy Homes Improve:

  • concentration levels with daylighting and airflow
  • productivity levels with passive design techniques
  • cost effectiveness with incentives and rebates
  • utility costs with lower resource consumption
  • quality of life for children, seniors, and pets who are more susceptible to illness

Human Sustainability Through Healthy Home Design Standards

An important shift is occurring in our acceptance of our built environment. Thanks to leaders like Delos Living, homeowners can now set higher standards and demands from the quality of their homes. As leaders in “wellness real estate”, Delos is challenging the status quo by showing us what we should expect from our built environment. This innovative organization has shown us that our homes can be a sanctuary of health, wellbeing, and environmental sustainability.


Delos Living’s values. Image via Delos Living.

By blending science, technology, health, design, and architecture, Delos was able to create the WELL Building Standard to maximize the health, lifestyle, and environmental benefits for the occupants of its buildings. The WELL Building Standard covers the below areas of sustainable, healthy design to enhance the at-home lifestyle:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Light
  • Fitness
  • Comfort
  • Mind

Often times people feel like to be sustainable they need to make a sacrifice – especially in terms of aesthetics. But the WELL Building Standard results in beautifully designed, visually-appealing spaces that are healthier and more sustainable, using patented wellness technologies and designs.

It’s because of urban leaders like Delos Living, that our cities will become healthy, productivity, and sustainable places to raise future generations.

Feature Image: The Delos Living WELL Building Standard raises the bar for residential design and building. Image via Delos Living.

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