How Environmental Awareness Led to a Newfound Passion

By Revital Goldsher Sagee | Editorial, Sustainable Living, Urban Design

When it was time for me to choose a career, the main factors which affected my decision were the job market and the prospects of promising occupations in the future. I obtained a BA in Business Management and did an internship in Information Technologies. I consulted for financial institutions and I earned a good living – one that I was invested in. I was responsible for other people’s money, and so I was efficient and reliable, and my managers and customers appreciated my work. Yet something was missing. I wasn’t passionate enough about it.

After giving birth to my first child, I relocated to California from my home country, Israel. This experience made me think things over. I recognized the move as an opportunity for me to make a change and explore a new field which I could be more passionate about.

I always wanted to study Biology because I enjoyed being outdoors and appreciated nature. I preferred to work with people rather than in front of a computer. I led a healthy life style and paid attention to the environment. These combined characteristics motivated me to invest in acquiring knowledge about environmental sciences and sustainability.

I began to read and learn about the environment. I studied a course about future energy and earned a certificate in Sustainability. During this time, I realized the urgent need to intervene and manage growing concerns such as climate change, population growth, and “Peak Oil”. At that point it became more than a passion, it became a true calling, and I knew I had to do something about it.

“At that point it became more than a passion, it became a true calling, and I knew I had to do something about it.”

Naturally, as I grew my own environmental awareness, I adopted habits such as recycling, growing vegetables in my back yard, conserving water, gas and electricity, reducing unnecessary purchases, and spreading the word while trying not to be too much of a pest about it.

I decided to further my studies by registering for the Environmental Management Master’s program. I wanted to pursue a career that would address these issues. Then I could possibly be a part of a change in the way people live their lives and think of natural resources, sustainability, the habitat, and our future.

We live our lives while mostly taking for granted basic things such as tap water, flushing toilets, and access to heating and lighting at the turn of a switch.  Every time we consume such basic services we exploit the environment and Earth’s resources, unaware of the impact by forgetting these are finite.

The best way to make a change in my opinion is to create environmental awareness around these issues and provide people with tools to change their lifestyles.

Working in the financial world, I learned how to act fast, be efficient in stressful environments, make decisions under pressure, identify and mitigate risks and most importantly, I learned to deal with people who didn’t want to be dealt with. I learned to make them see the whole picture and recruit them to cooperate together for an important purpose. Now I have a new important purpose – one that I believe is important to everyone.

About The Author

Revital Goldsher Sagee
After obtaining a BA in Business Management, I worked as a Senior Forex Trader in Israel and Cyprus followed by a Consulting career for Financial Institutes, specializing in Risk Management and Business Process audits. In 2013 I have relocated to California with my family and made a decision to pursue a career change. I am currently in the process of pursuing a Master’s in Environmental Management, while taking courses and learning independently about Sustainability and the environment, which have become my passion.