How to Efficiently Water a Large Garden

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Having a sizable garden allows you to have more space for growing your plants and trees. However, an increase in the area also requires more care and maintenance. Aside from having to buy more fertilizer and gardening products, you’ll have to supply more water.

After all, most flowers and vegetables require at least an inch or two of moisture every single week. In order to prevent water from being wasted and to irrigate your garden as fast as possible, let’s look into the various ways you can efficiently water a large garden.

Know the Value of Proper Irrigation

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Some garden owners think that regularly sprinkling plants with water is sufficient, but that’s far from the truth. In reality, lightly sprinkling your plants has no significant effect in reducing plant stress resulting from hot temperatures and dry soil.

This is due to the fact that light sprinkling, even when done more than once each day, does not usually irrigate even the first inch of the soil. If the wet soil is barely an inch deep, the root systems located further down below won’t get the water they need.

On the other hand, overwatering is also harmful to your garden plants. This can lead to discoloration that turns the leaves brown. In addition, overwatering the garden keeps the soil soggy for far too long and puts your plants at risk of oxygen deficiency, which stops root systems from properly absorbing water. Thus, an individual with a large garden needs to learn how to quickly provide the right amount of water to all of the plants.

Use an Expandable Hose


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One of the most reliable ways to water a huge garden is to utilize an expandable hose. The primary selling point of this type of hose is that it can increase in length. With enough water pressure, an expandable hose can easily reach three times its original length. Once you are no longer using it, the hose will automatically shrink back to its original length.

Another advantage of using an expandable hose to water your big garden is that it’s significantly lighter than the average garden hose. Moreover, it’s easy to find a storage place for such a hose since it only increases in length when you need it to. It does not get in tangles unlike other garden hoses, and it drains itself so you don’t have to tire yourself out.

Of course, not all of the expandable hoses are built the same way. Before you buy one, you have to check the material used for its inner tube. If it has an inner tube made of TPU, it won’t be reliable because of the cheap material. In contrast, you can rely on a tube for several months if it is made of dual latex.

Similarly, the type of connectors is important. Brass connectors cannot be used with latex inner tubes since this will cause a chemical reaction that will damage the hose in the near future. If the expandable hose is using a plastic connector, ensure that the quality is good enough.

Use a Drip Irrigation System














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Another efficient way to irrigate your large garden is to have a drip irrigation system. This system is specifically made to deliver water to the root systems of your garden plants. Drip irrigation systems work by utilizing pipes and drip emitters.

The pipes contain the water and let it travel in your garden until it reaches the drip emitters that are strategically located to the base of the plants. Since drip irrigation systems do not release water quickly, you have enough time to adjust the amount of irrigation and save water.

Use a Soaker Hose System

A third option for watering large gardens is to use a soaker hose. Referred to by others as a leaky pipe, this irrigation method also releases water slowly so that the soil becomes adequately soaked after the operation. Whether you have huge hedgerows or flower beds, this will work well as long as you get the right length. The length of a soaker hose can reach 50 meters while the diameter usually measures 13 millimeters.

Here’s a video talking about soaker hose irrigation.

Regardless of what your preferred method is, what matters the most is that you can properly water your large garden. We hope that you learned a lot about the importance of adequate irrigation. If you have any queries, do give us a comment.

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