But I Like Blue Toilets!

By Tara Campbell | Editorial

Here at PowerHouse Growers, we’re ordinary people making an extraordinary difference through education, relationships, social responsibility, and by applying what we’ve learned. We come from varied backgrounds with very different opinions and ideas on how things should be done. Often, just before an article is published, we’re learning for the first time about a new approach or perspective..

To work as a team and ensure our vision is being met we have to focus and often learn new ways of doing things. This might include a change in behavior in order to align with what’s right all in an effort to meet our educational, relationship, and social responsibility principles.

I’m faced with just that challenge. Some things come natural, just make sense, and don’t require a lot of thought to make a shift. In fact, with these things it’s easy to change my behavior because it’s the right thing to do. With my new found awareness it should be simple yet some things take a bit longer than expected.

Changing a human behavior that I really never thought of needing to change or quite frankly wanted to is difficult for me as I’m sure it is for many. Is it even possible to change human behavior, especially when it comes to environmental and social responsibility?


Blue Toilets

Take for example the fresh, clean blue solutions we purchase to clean our toilets. Yes, I like blue toilets. A blue cleaning solution in the toilet bowl represents freshness,  and with four kids in the house it’s necessary! The more we talk about our water and the environment, the more I realize that the blue, white, green, or whatever the color of your toilet bowl cleaner, is damaging our ecosystem.

A lot of what we pour down the drain – not just chemical cleaners – ends up right back in our natural waterways.And believe it or not some places in the world are pumping it untreated directly into our oceans. For example: Victoria, British Columbia was only recently approved for a responsible wastewater treatment plant. Up until now, the city and surrounding area has been disposing of wastewater directly into the ocean.

Changed Human Behavior

Many say that changing human behavior is next to impossible. My belief is if we care, and if we communicate messages clearly enough, we won’t need to change it. People like myself will come around and a light bulb will flash brightly and they will want to change. Once we as humans are open to change we see things much clearer as in the case of changing my view on blue toilets.

About The Author

Tara Campbell
Tara, Founder of PowerHouse Growers, uses the following 3 guiding principles to deliver you this platform: Quality Education, Lasting Relationships, and Social Responsibility bringing awareness that leads to action! It is our responsibility to share what we know about creating healthy urban environments, food security, and our kids' health. Creating foundations that future generations can build on.