Johnny Georges Revolutionizes Water Conservation

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Inventor of the Tree T Pee, Johnny Georges had humble beginnings and continues to share his values of an honest, hard-earned dollar with Americans nationwide. Coming from a family that has a history in both horticulture and agriculture, Johnny Georges values hard work and has used this motive along with his 29 years of experience to help American farmers care for their crops and conserve the country’s water and revolutionizes water conservation. This farmer, entrepreneur, and inventor will be forever inspired by his father, who was also his mentor for many years. Passing at the age of 56, he has left a lasting impact on Johnny Georges who is carrying on his father’s legacy.

Tree T Pee Revolutionizes Water Conservation

Together, Johnny Georges and his father invented the Tree T Pee in 1986 when making sure that the roots of their citrus trees stayed covered in the evenings. They realized that if they could create a more durable T Pee they wouldn’t have to cover the roots each night, they could stay that way for the entire year while decreasing water usage. By running water lines into the T Pee they were able to drastically decrease the amount of water that is used to water each individual tree. Instead of using 10,000 gallons of water per tree each year, the Tree T Pee uses only 800 gallons per year.  Water conservation is Johnny’s passion. As the need for water has become such a critical issue, Johnny Georges wants to promote water conservation worldwide and show farmers that if they all reduce their annual water usage we can be sure that our children will have good clean water. Johnny’s concern for the quality of water that his 17 year old son, Wesley will have in the future is the driving force for him to share his knowledge and passion with farmers globally.


While the Tree T Pee makes huge strides in water conservation, it also provides many other benefits to your fruit trees. The Tree T Pee offers frost protection for cold weather, preventing the loss of crops for many farmers.  In Florida, on January 14, 2010, the weather dropped down to 19 degrees in the evening and farmers who were using the Tree T Pee did not lose their crops, saving them from the loss of a major investment.

Made of recycled plastic, this cone shaped cover is not only being used by those in the fruit tree industry, but also peach, olive, pecan, and jatropha growers have turned to this cost-effective method of water conservation and crop protection.

Along with being an entrepreneur, Johnny Georges has received quite a bit of press for his work with water conservation. He has twice been featured on the cover of In the Field Magazine, as well as featured in Homegrown Farmers & Cowboys Magazine, Agri-Business Magazine, Citrus Industry Magazine, the Sun Herald News, and has been on the news, all of which to him is a great honor. Not to mention, his appearance on Shark Tank which lead him to his partnership with John Paul DeJoria for which he is genuinely grateful and humbled by.

This past month Johnny Georges got to follow some of his personal dreams, driving across the continental United States stopping in to visit farms and give them Tree T Pees along the way. Finally, making it all the way to the Pacific Ocean so that he can dip his toes into the cold blue water and wrap his arms around a sequoia tree.


While Johnny is an inventor, entrepreneur and water conservationist who we can all look up to, these aren’t the only qualities that make him an inspiration. Johnny Georges believes in doing the right thing, being honest, and working hard to pursue your big dreams. He supports farmers across America by making a product that the average hard working American can afford to help his country give future generations the quality of water that they deserve. Farmers are the backbone of America’s agricultural industry and Johnny Georges does an excellent job at representing the hard work and values that they stand for.

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