Lessons From 2014

By Tara Campbell | Editorial

2014 was a period of growth personally and professionally. There were all-nighters, new adventures, platform launches, unexpected lessons, shifts in direction, and our favorite – developing lasting relationships. We learned many lessons from 2014 and what matters to us most – the connections we make with people. We set a goal to help build futures and foster career transitions, and in return we received so much more. Our greatest joy in 2014 came from the work we did where no currency changed hands.

Lessons From 2014

We have learned more in the past year through our interns and contributors. We learned lessons from 2014 that were unexpected and that came from the most unlikely places. Six of the top lessons from 2014:

  • Culture: by working with people from around the world like Italy, Brazil, Canada, 12 of the United States, India, and Taiwan we have made friends around the world and experienced different cultures through the eyes of our team.
  • Passion: people reach out to PowerHouse Growers because they felt passionate about many different topics. It is surprising how powerful knowledge combined with passion can be. They were simply looking for a place to share what they were learning with others and to connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Purpose: regardless of our jobs, lifestyle, and circumstances we all need a purpose – to feel a connection to something greater. Sometimes it can take another individual to show us that having a purpose outside of your job and family is healthy.
  • Collaboration: everything comes at a price. That price may be time or it may be money. More often than not people want to work with others whose values align regardless of the financial remuneration. Feeling part of a community and a sense of belonging can be of great satisfaction.
  • Grit: it takes grit to devote your time to something you feel passionate about. To work through ‘it’ when you are losing steam or the initial novelty has worn off. Our contributors and interns work tirelessly, independently, and as teams to developing systems often working with people that may or may not agree, or appreciate their talent and time.
  • Gratitude: the feeling of giving without asking for anything in return.
Teamwork. Image via Thin Inc.

Teamwork. Image via Thin Inc.

Committed To The Team

At times it has felt like we are swimming against the current and times we felt like we had let our team down or fallen short. Yet, the PowerHouse Growers Team continues to give us renewed purpose and reminds us of why we are here. It takes relentlessness and resilience to publish daily, manage a virtual team around the world, and develop new business systems. Each and everyone of the PHG team has set new benchmarks for us to aspire to, and indirectly fueled us to do more.

Our hearts are in the right place, our intentions and values have never changed.  We are committed more than ever to support lifelong learners and educators in any way we can, bridging the gap between education and careers. What a privilege.

2015 Contributors Program

Throughout our lives we find ourselves reflecting about where we came from and where we are going. Learning from our past can vastly shape our future. Our 2015 goals are reflective of the lessons learned in 2014. We will do this by laying a solid foundation through continuing to building lasting relationships and making our primary focus education.

The new and improved Contributors Program is designed to:

  1. support students
  2. foster career development for interns
  3. connect experts with qualified and capable individuals that can take their businesses to the next level

Connecting students with professionals. Image via PCMA.

This two-way mentorship program is unique in that it is a foundation of relationships and education falling on the back of sustainability, a topic that cannot be ignored. 2015 will be a year of supporting businesses with their strategic sustainability plans for businesses and connecting them with innovative individuals and teams to help them develop these strategies.

PowerHouse Growers contributors are part of the solution and contribute to our communities for a better planet. These contributions help people gain a clearer understanding of topics they may not have know about, give them access to solutions, and inspire action.

With great appreciation and gratitude, thank YOU PowerHouse Growers past, present, and future team:

Abigail Warren, Adriano Pilloni, Alex Ageno, Alice Winham, Alyssa Harding, Angie Lazo, Austin Mark, Bill Worthen, Bryce Nagels, Cassandra Robillard, CropKing, Daniel CorderoEmily ColemanEric Shrum, Gabriel Guerra, George Wang, Heather Hassel-Finnegan, Henry Gorden Smith, Holly White, Jane Henley, Jennifer Lauer, Jessie Buckmaster, Jimena Talamentes, John Brazelton, Johnanthan Adlam, Jonanthan Midgett, Kader Conde, Katelyn Ivers, Kathryn Benson , Kirstie Lewandowski, Laura Paul, Lindsay Dolan, Lorena Knapp, Luiza Moruz, Mallory Mackey, Marin Ryan, Marjorie Guyler-Alaniz, Melodi McGee, Meredith Sorensen, Micheline Khan, Molly Gee, Nick Tourville, Nick Badman, Paris Hockin, Rachael Davis, Scott Lindquist, Shruti Khandelwal, Stefanie Nepaul, Stephen Francis, Steven Kuzminsky, Susan Babyk, Thomas Ludorf, Venice, Victoria Suen, William Achnitz III

See you in 2015!

About The Author

Tara Campbell
Tara, Founder of PowerHouse Growers, uses the following 3 guiding principles to deliver you this platform: Quality Education, Lasting Relationships, and Social Responsibility bringing awareness that leads to action! It is our responsibility to share what we know about creating healthy urban environments, food security, and our kids' health. Creating foundations that future generations can build on.