Make Energy Work 2013 – Promoting Clean Energy in NC

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One of the things proponents of sustainability and urban planning place a great deal of emphasis on is accessibility to clean energy. Sure there are lots of great sources of renewable energy available but is it economical for the every-person?

Promoting Clean Energy

November 2013, the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association hosted a two-day event called Make Energy Work 2013 where industry people gather to promote the clean energy sector in the Southeastern United States region.

The theme of the event is “Welcome to the Evolution” signifying that clean energy development and awareness is undergoing substantial growth and its impact will only continue to increase.

At the trade show portion of the event attendees will find notable exhibitors such as Mitsubishi and Tesla Motors who of course are promoting alternative energy with their lines of electric vehicles. Tesla has their new Tesla Model S on display which was a definite crowd-pleaser.


Solar energy panels on a sound barrier at the an Munich Airport. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

At the event yesterday self-proclaimed vegetarian hippie chic and professional race car driver Leilani Munter, addressed attendees on the importance of making clean energy work and why it is necessary to continue to work towards it. The 37 year old Tesla driver has been inspiring others to go carbon-free and was named the Discovery Channel’s #1 Eco Athlete in 2010.

Later in one of the afternoon sessions called Examining Trends in Consumer Adoption of Clean Energy, speakers addressed attendees and explained how buyer demand is what will change the market for clean energy. This further proves how awareness about clean energy options and development are key for consumer adoption and acceptance.

Today’s session topics will include discussion on how public sector polices impact investment in clean energy, and how to get return on your clean energy project now and in the future. The Executive Director of the NC Sustainable Energy Association, Ivan Urlaub will also be addressing attendees today.

Twitter feeds were active all day yesterday with praise from attendees expressing their excitement about the future of clean energy in the region. To check out what others are saying about the Make Energy Work event you can search #ncmew2013.

Clean Energy Investment

Our hats must go off to the NC Sustainable Energy Association for their fine work in raising awareness about clean energy investment. By demonstrating leadership in sustainable energy it will now begin to further the buy-in of the nation as a whole.

What is your State or area doing to promote clean energy investment? Send us your two cents to [email protected]

Feature Image: Wind, a renewable energy source. Image via Flickr user Jurgen.

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