Meet the Team

We are ordinary people trying to making an extraordinary difference through education, relationships, and social responsibility.

PowerHouse Growers is is the only digital publishing platform connecting the sustainability industry silos which include urban farming, building integrated vegetation, and green real estate. Through publishing and marketing, PHG stimulates sustainability conversations and exposes organizations in urban agriculture and sustainable urban design, balancing our personal and planets pH.

If you are a business leader, let us help you incorporate green practices into your company. Individuals and businesses are looking for sustainable choices. Food security and the health of our buildings is their top concern. The PowerHouse Growers marketing team has the passion and expertise to deliver solutions tailored for your needs. We publish your stories and provide a platform to expose your sustainable products and services.

If you are passionate about sustainability, come join our team of contributors. All students, experts, and individuals passionate about sharing the innovative and traditional positive solutions are welcome to apply.


Finally, a marketing team publishing an online magazine that exposes sustainable practices!

Meet the team that supports the PowerHouse Growers contributors.


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Tara Campbell

Publisher | Founder


[email protected]

Tara aims consistently for a positive attitude and to build world-class relationships.

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Greg Matthews

Technology Advisor


Greg has been the trusted tech advisor since PowerHouse Growers’ inception.

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Daniel Cordero

Editor | Real Estate Leasing Specialist


[email protected]

Daniel is an Environmental Science & Finance student at Florida State University

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Nick Tourville

Sales & Marketing Developer


Nick Tourville is an Economics graduate of Boston University, 2014.

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Myrna Proulx

Graphic Design


Myrna Proulx lives by the words ‘Imagine – Create – Communicate’.

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George Wang

International Marketing | MBA


George Wang is an MBA student specializing in Marketing at Vancouver Island University.

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Scott Lindquist

Assistant Editor | Internship Program


Scott Lindquist is an English student and Writing Consultant at Seattle University.

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