A Natural High: Endorphins in the City

The city is actually a great place in which to reach optimal levels of happiness on a natural high. Despite the bad rap urban living has received from high air pollution scores, traffic congestion, and the vacant feeling brought on by a lack of greenery in a concrete jungle, your city can actually be a great place to channel your energy and get a healthy dose of daily endorphins.

What Makes Endorphins Important

Our brain’s pituitary gland and hypothalamus contain over 20 hormones called endorphins. Research shows that having a good release of endorphins twice daily is fundamental to maximizing our health and happiness. When the endorphins are released into our blood streams, these hormones send a euphoric feeling through our bodies that obliterate stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. Regular endorphin release has also been show to slow the aging process.

The good news is, this natural high can be attained in numerous ways without any fear of dangerous side effects which helps to combat chronic city-dwelling depression and lack of fulfillment that many urbanites experience.


Socializing and listening to music can increase endorphin levels. Image via UCAS Media.

Ways to Release Endorphins in the City

As proponents of the vital human connection with nature, we believe in the theory of biophilia as an integral part of a person’s ability to live up to their optimal levels of happiness and productivity. The innate connection that human beings share with greenery, wildlife, and natural surroundings is one of the most natural ways to release endorphins. To take advantage of biophilic benefits visit a local public park, a rooftop garden, or spend 20 minutes outside in the sun.

Other ways to attain a natural high and release endorphins in the city include exercising, listening to music, socializing, laughing, and eating dark chocolate. When combining multiple activities at once your release of endorphins will amplify leading the benefits of the healthy pleasure you experience to last longer.

Of course if you find yourself in love in the city it only intensifies the hedonistic dose of endorphins needed to maintain your stimulated mind and healthy body…

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