Nature & Design Working In Harmony

By Luiza Moruz | Editorial

Though I was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil,  I have lived in many different cities through my life. My passion for the environment began with my parents’ influences. They both are biologists so I grew up giving love to and taking care of animals and plants.

In Brazil, we learned to take care of the environment since we were kids, so it’s typical to learn about recycling and reusing materials at school. My mother is a biology teacher and she always gives lessons about sustainability by encouraging and educating children to respect nature in a proper manner. My father’s job though is to oversee many companies and ensure they’re working in harmony with the world’s resources and in a way that guarantees a prosperous future for the next generations.

As a result, I acquired broad values and beliefs for sustainability thanks to my parents. However, I have chosen Architecture and Urbanism as my major, primarily because I love what people can do with creative freedom. By allying the subjects I like the most – design, creativity, and environment – there is significant power and opportunity to transform the future of everyone’s life for better.

My role as a future Architect is to study and find different ways to unite the present world’s population needs without compromising the future of nature and the next generations. Besides that, while studying as an exchange student in the United States, I’ve noticed that the architecture courses typically do not give the proper attention to sustainability as is required. In Brazil however, we’re trained to consider every detail of a building – including wall-color, windows, wind study, choice of lamps, etc. – in order to reduce costs, avoid air conditioners, and make the most of what nature can offer without over-exploiting it. My dream is see the whole world working together as one big nation in harmony with our first mother: nature.

Feature Image: The Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho in Porto Alegre, Brazil holds the title of the World’s Most Beautiful Street. Image via Adalberto Cavalcanti, Flickr.

About The Author

is a Brazilian Architecture student of Federal University of Bahia but currently studying in the University of Miami, United States. Has a particular love for design, innovations and the environment. Pinterest and Photography addict.