People Are Our Business

By Tara Campbell | Editorial

People often ask what our business model is. It may be because at first glance it’s not obvious. It’s unique, different than the average web platform, and not at all like a traditional on-line model. Our model is simply, “People are our business”.

We help people in the green industries of urban agriculture and farming, as well as green infrastructure get their message out without diluting it. Deliver it in a clear and informative manner through a directory, on-line magazine, resources, and how-to’s. Connecting North Americans with forward thinking green innovation while helping organizations become profitable and staying true to their value systems with integrity is our business. We come to work daily verifying the credibility of the experts we connect you with because our objective is to maintain the integrity of PowerHouse Growers.

With the internet changing at such a fast pace we felt that our time should be focused on people instead of trying to keep up with changes and trends. Instead of spending all that time drafting up systems that were going to change quickly, we decided to listen to what people are looking for and give it to them. When visiting our platform our stakeholders get what they’ve been looking for. Data, resources, and experts are sourced from listening to what people need and are at top of their mind, then sustainable solutions are offered.

People Are Our Business

The PowerHouse Growers Group’s guiding principles in designing this business are:

1. Quality Education

2. Lasting Relationships

3. Social Responsibility

… all by bring awareness and providing solutions that lead to action!


In doing business this way we are able to provide sustainable solutions that are not just fads. There’s a reason that ROE – Return On Education, is our number one priority. In order to find solutions we must first understand the problems. Our societies and business seems to run on autopilot or even more so are trend junkies, looking for quick fixes and mindless entertainment. Awareness is key and the content we provide offers the resources to become educated and encourages it to be shared with others.

Creating Sustainable Healthy Environments

The company plans on continuing to grow healthy. We feel it’s our responsibility to share what we know about creating healthy urban environments, food security, and our children’s health. It’s about enlightening individuals and policy makers, providing them with some easy tools to integrate sustainable practices. It’s the necessity for this information that inspires us to consciously look for solutions and show how to make subsequent changes; bridging the gap between yesterday’s habits and tomorrow’s transformation. Our big picture goal is to build solid sustainable foundations that future generations can build on instead of having to redesign.

We designed the sites for individuals who were interested in urban health, agriculture and integrated vegetation, food security, and water conservation. We inspire Junior Changemakers to care for our environment starting at a young age. We have global backgrounds contributing to the sites which adds to the richness that international collaboration and awareness can bring.


People Are Our Business. Water Boulevards by Baharash Bagherian of Baharash Architecture. Image via

Using traditional methods, along with advanced technology, we can design healthy spaces, cities, and businesses that were once never thought possible. We have systems that give us the metrics to make improvements in the way we build, therefore shifting the way we do business.

Not only does this way of doing business take care of the needs of our stakeholders, the business model gives our team energy daily. We work from a place that cares for our team’s individual learning, and fosters shared vision and solution based thinking. We redefine success which enables us to look forward to the possibility of all companies focusing on the human side of business. The health of people is our business.

PowerHouse Growers, and its two newest platforms, PowerHouse Growers Kids and PowerHouse Hydroponics, have established communication expertise which brings awareness to important daily issues, bridges boundaries between experts and consumers, and provides sustainable solutions because we care about you and your legacy.

About The Author

Tara Campbell
Tara, Founder of PowerHouse Growers, uses the following 3 guiding principles to deliver you this platform: Quality Education, Lasting Relationships, and Social Responsibility bringing awareness that leads to action! It is our responsibility to share what we know about creating healthy urban environments, food security, and our kids' health. Creating foundations that future generations can build on.