pH: A Force of Nature

By Tara Campbell | Editorial, Features

We may not think of the importance of pH in our lives and how important it is to our existence. pH is a force of nature and should be considered when choosing what we eat, using products and the effect it has on our environment, and when planning our gardens.

pH Health

Years ago having a family and the responsibility of their health inspired a curiosity of the role pH plays in our bodies and how to be nutritious. This awareness led me to be more intentional about healthy eating and a pH balanced diet. Raising a family triggered a growing awareness of balancing the body’s pH levels. My family’s interest in hobby growing and gardening brought my attention to the pH balance of our soil for growing. There are some things that really got my attention when it came to the topic of pH balance. For example, watching the pH testing at the pool when my children were swimming captivated me and led me to realize that it was more than merely a measurement and that proper balance must be vital to our health.

pH Environment

Another insight that made me aware of the impact we are having on our planet’s pH balance was becoming a boater. The things you once took for granted became an important part of getting through the days and nights on the water. When boating you become much more aware of how your presence impacts your surroundings and can inadvertently disrupt the ecosystem. For instance, the soaps you use for washing your dishes or hair go directly into the ocean and therefore should be chemical-free. Not to mention that leaving the water running while you brush your teeth is totally out of the question.

pH: Force of Nature

There’s also the ongoing concern of energy conservation and the awareness of running on batteries as opposed to generators. Grey and black water is dumped straight into the ocean – and then the water maker kicks in, forcing you to realize that the source you’re using to make your water is the very same water you have just dumped your waste into.

pH Plant Health

Living on the West Coast we’re surrounded by water, and are blessed with an abundance of rain, beautiful summers, and great soil. This gives us an instant connection with nature and the resultant feeling of balance and harmony. Yet it wasn’t until working in the indoor gardening industry and being faced with growing concerns and solutions that I truly understood the power of pH balance in our soil and water in the promotion of healthy vegetation.


Nature reinforces positive emotions in human beings. Image via Thinkstock.

The global concerns of where our food comes from and the process involved in getting it to us while producing it with little to no nutrition is what has inspired pH Growers. Bridging the gap between awareness and the solutions for the integration of agriculture and vegetation became our mission. And so began pH Growers, a platform to share with you everything we know about the power and symbolism of pH balance in our lives, cities, and protecting the force of nature.

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