Real Estate Agents: Are You Ready for Real Estate Market Shift?

The real estate industry is changing and the home buyer’s list of criteria for their housing is shifting. How are you addressing the needs of your clients? If you haven’t seen it yet you will soon. There has been an increase in buyer concern over energy ratings and savings in homes and condos but that’s just the beginning.

Consumer Social Consciousness

Home buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their homes and neighborhoods have on the health of their families. As a result they’re shopping for homes with a green conscience: building materials, carbon footprint, green spaces in their neighborhoods, and environmental awareness at the schools their children will attend. As consumers we’re more socially aware than in years past. If you are proactive and doing your due diligence your clients will be awed that you had the insight to point out the environmental, health, and future benefits (including their ROI) of one home over another.


Shift in Consumer Real Estate Needs

Your clients are starting to see the value in living in an environment that incorporates green infrastructure and are willing to paying more for their homes. They’re looking for healthier solutions for their families. They’re putting green homes, green spaces, and environmental education at the top of their lists. They want to purchase sustainable homes that will be in line with the future of  green building legislation. Research has shown that the health of our buildings reflects on our health and ability to perform at our optimum levels. This applies to our homes, office and schools. Some buyers may not be aware of latest research or aren’t sure they’re ready to make the shift. Showing value today and for the future of their investment will help you make that sale and put your clients in a home that will satisfy all their needs.


Some consumer concerns for the new real estate market include:

  • Caring more and more about the products used in the construction of the home
  • Green spaces near their home
  • Green schools and outdoor classrooms
  • Access to local food markets that sell organic produce and sustainable meat products

As a professional in the real estate industry it’s vital to keep on top of consumer demands so you may deliver the best possible service to your clients who place value on green construction.

For more information on the shifting real estate market check out Green Real Estate Forums.

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