5 Senses: Refining Our Sensory Awareness

When an athlete performs, their senses are intensified. They have trained for months, often years to perfect their talent. They have challenged and transformed their bodies and refine their senses through sensory awareness to achieve this. The athlete’s success is contingent on sharpening their senses along with the development of unbending focus. This type of focus requires training our senses. For example, if you lost your vision your hearing would be amplified.

Heightened Senses

Being an observer alone isn’t as enriching as experiencing life with trained or heightened senses. Are you looking at things without seeing? Moving without awareness? Eating without tasting your food? If you were taking the time to savor your food you’d probably be looking for tastier foods that satisfied your inner connoisseur. What is your peripheral vision missing these days? We’re often on autopilot and become entrenched in our routine. Have you seen the new living wall at the airport? How about that new sky rise that is going up on your walk to work every morning – you probably haven’t looked up to see it. Are you listening without hearing and talking without actually thinking about what you’re saying? Are you inhaling without smelling?


Rooftop garden at a New York City loft. Image via Warren Lofts.

Natural Synergy

There is synergy between nature and humans if we pause long enough to feel it. The natural wonders right in front of us have the ability to enrich our lives. If we listen to ourselves and nature long enough we naturally develop a synergy. Or perhaps some would call this our sixth sense.

Take that extra breath and look up, see what species of birds live in your region; what formation that clouds are making; or that hidden rainbow in the corner that you may have missed. Perhaps you may try taking the time to prepare a next level meal, something that smells good and nourishes us. Dining at the table prepares us for the divine meal we’re about to eat. Nurture your sensory awareness and refine your sensory intelligence by training. Use your senses to explore deeper.


The Human Factor

There’s an essential factor that’s a common thread through strong business practices, impeccable relationships, and in creating value: The human factor. Running a great business with a strong foundation requires a solid human connection. These connections are strengthened through the synergies of our senses. Even if you have the perfect product, you need to right people in place to lead the development, implement the plans, and successfully bring it to market. The human factor is the common factor found in success across all generations.

Activating sensory awareness produces feelings and thus, creativity. This enables us to see things clearly. And when put to efficient use, it bonds individuals and forges lasting relationships, often creating synergy. Why not use this newly found sensory awareness to intensify:

  1. Sights: Designing green spaces, community gardens, rooftop gardens, outdoor living spaces, and office environments.
  2. Smells: Living walls that grow vegetation and food. The more nature we have thriving in our cities, the better our air quality becomes.
  3. Sounds: Green roofs and walls which insulate and mitigate sound. They also attract wildlife and singing birds.
  4. Feel: Green infrastructure, green spaces, and sustainably-sourced building products.
  5. Taste: Urban agriculture which feeds us and is of a richer flavor because it’s often grown organically and hasn’t been shipped cross-country.
  6. Sensory awareness: Enjoying the green spaces; utilizing rooftop gardens; appreciating outdoor spaces while observing, noticing, and making improvements in our surroundings are all ways to enhance our existence. We can learn to enjoy our office environments, stop to smell the flowers, and notice growing food as we walk by. We can be appreciative of the benefits of green roofs and listen for new sounds that they create. We can touch the infrastructure and its plants, and work in community gardens which show us how fortunate we are to have these spaces in our cities. We can grow our own herbs, microgreens, or wheatgrass, and choose restaurants that source locally. We can also choose to eat at the table with our families.

By designing, developing, appreciating, and truly experiencing our cities, we create a natural synergy between nature and the people in our communities.

About The Author

Tara Campbell
Tara, Founder of PowerHouse Growers, uses the following 3 guiding principles to deliver you this platform: Quality Education, Lasting Relationships, and Social Responsibility bringing awareness that leads to action! It is our responsibility to share what we know about creating healthy urban environments, food security, and our kids' health. Creating foundations that future generations can build on.